Bytecoin (BCN) Cryptocurrency Review – Can Bytecoin be a good investment?

Bytecoin (BCN) Cryptocurrency Review – Can Bytecoin be a good investment?

Few months ago Bytecoin gave an update on the development of its untraceable tokens. In the announcement, the company explained the advantages and the disadvantages for someone to own or trade in the untraceable tokens. The goals of the developers of the altcoin seek to achieve are convenience, simplicity, and reliability.

The acronym for the Bytecoin currency is BCN. It was launched in July 2012. It is different from the ever-growing Bitcoin cash and several other leading cryptocurrencies in that it is based on the CryptoNote technology. It has an open source code which is designed for anonymous cash settlement. The investors’ privacy is protected with impassive and anonymous transactions.


Bytecoin is a private and decentralized cryptocurrency featuring an open-source code. As such, anyone can be part of developing the Bytecoin network. Bytecoin stands out from the crowd in terms of security and privacy, and it markets itself as the solution for those in search of financial privacy with cryptocurrency.

With Bytecoin, users can conduct private transactions instantly from anywhere in the world to anywhere else. All transactions are completely untraceable, and there are no extra fees. Because Bytecoin is bound via the internet, it is automatically international, unlike fiat currencies that have their own territories.

By using Bytecoin, customers are able to avoid transaction fees because it needs very minimal energy or human resources to function. It is also resistant to hacks thanks to the cryptographic algorithms in place. Any attack would be unprofitable because of the large amount of resources required to get any information at all.

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