EOS Cryptocurrency Review – What is EOS?

EOS Cryptocurrency Review – What is EOS?

One of the primary programmers of the EOS project is Dan Larimer with a strong background in comparable projects and he’s created a couple of pretty powerful programs such as Steemit and Bitshares, for example.

EOS is program that creates a scalable blockchain that’ll be capable of handling millions of transactions per second. As with other platforms, it promises to eliminate user fees, while making it simple to construct and deploy decentralised applications.

EOS is just another potential cryptocurrency that’s still in its infancy. Individuals that working or investing in this project have big expectations and a few say that it is going to change the world. At the moment the market cap of EOS is greater than just $ 2 billion, which means that lots of folks believe in this project. However, it is impossible to make 100% certain at this point how this is going to workout.


The Notion of Bitcoin is That you can transfer value (e.g.money). Ethereum makes this somewhat further and it enables a programmable transfer of worth.

Some experts say that using EOS you can do essentially everything that You are able to perform using Ethereum added with a couple added capabilities. With EOS developers would not have to write as much code just like with Ether since EOS provides code attributes as a base. With Ethereum the developer would need to rewrite the code.

I really don’t find any great reason why EOS are a scam. They’ve an Experienced programmer Dan Larimer with a fantastic standing and everything Looks like he’s attempting to assemble something positive with his team.

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